Transactions are after they have been authorized in the state Authorized. For more information see the transaction process. The feature we call complete is also known as capture or activate. This wording may differ depending on the context, however the feature refers to the action which actually initiate the money transfer from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account.

Some payment method can be configured in a way that they complete the payment deferred and just authorize the payment on the processor side. In this case the order amount can be lowered and the items in the basket can be changed until you complete the transaction.

Not every payment methods supports completions. If you want to achieve a unified process for all payment methods we recommend to complete the payment immediately. For information about the payment methods and if they support deferred completion can be found in the payment connector list.

2Integration Details

Before you can complete a transaction you should have considered the following guides

In case you want to cancel a not completed transaction you have to void it. See transaction void documentation how to void transactions.

2.1Edit the Line Items Inside the Back Office

You can edit the line items inside the back office. For this you have to open the transaction Space > Payment > Transactions. Click on the tab Line Items and then on Edit Line Items. You can save your changes by clicking on Update Line Items.

When changing the line items over the web service or inside the back office a new version will be created. You can see the versions in the Version Tab inside the transaction.

It can create an inconsistent data if you only change the line items inside the back office and not also in your application.

2.2Complete a Transaction inside the Back Office

Transaction can also be completed inside the back office. A transaction will stay in the state Authorized until it has been completed. Transactions can be completed in two ways:

  1. Complete Online: If you complete a transaction online we do send the complete request to the processor.

  2. Complete Offline: The offline completion simulates the completion but it will not be forwarded to the request to the processor. This feature can be used if you complete the payment already at the processor and you can not send it anymore in the online mode.

Successful completions can be viewed in the completion tab in the transaction.

2.3Edit Line Items Over the Webservice

As long as the transaction is not Completed you can change and edit the line items as you like. Use the create line item version operation to update existing line items over the API.


In the example request below we are updating an existing line item and set the new price to 70 CHF instead of the initial 75 CHF that has been set in the original transaction.

    "newLineItems": [
            "amountIncludingTax": "70",
            "name": "Chelsea Tee",
            "quantity": "1",
            "shippingRequired": true,
            "sku": "mtk004",
            "type": "PRODUCT",
            "uniqueId": "2622"
    "transactionId": 109575

2.4Send the Complete Request

Whenever you know that you do not want to change the transaction and you want to process it you can complete the transaction by sending the complete request via the web service using the Transaction Completion Service. You have the option to complete the transaction online or offline depending if you want to send it to the processor.

2.5What is next?

After a transaction has been completed it switches to the state Completed and depending on the payment method directly into the Fulfill state (see the transaction process for more information about the state changes). The Refund Documentation explains how completed transactions can be refunded to the customer.